Mrs. Chana Carlebach

The Director of BMC Teachers’ Seminary, Mrs. Chana Carlebach, had been honoured by Federation CJA for excellence in education. As a Rebbetzin of a shul with over a 1,000 members and an educator for over two-decades, she brings many years of expertise to the field of education.

In addition, Mrs. Chana Carlebach is an internationally sought after speaker on various topics, including education, family purity, the role of the Jewish woman and marriage relationships, speaking as far as Belgium, Argentina and France.



Nestled in the breathtaking Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, Canada, BMC Teachers’ Seminary offers one of the most comprehensive and dynamic Chassidic seminary experiences.

The country atmosphere of beautiful S. Agathe provides the ideal setting for the Seminary's renowned learning and teacher training program. Free of distractions, students are better able to immerse themselves in the school's first-class scholastic program and to develop valuable personal growth and leadership skills. The Seminary's close affiliation with the thriving S. Agathe Jewish community gives students unlimited opportunities to participate directly in the growth of a Jewish community and gain invaluable shlichus experience.

A short drive from Montreal, BMC Teachers’ Seminary also enjoys the advantages of involvement with a large, flourishing Lubavitch community. Shabbatons and Farbrengens in Montreal provide the excitement of a bustling Jewish center and gives students the opportunity to form lasting bonds with warm, Chassidishe families.

The Seminary's spiritual mission is to foster a strong Jewish & Chassiddish identity in its students and love for their Jewish & Chassidic heritage, a desire to spread that awareness as educators and to develop the skills and confidence to reach out to Jews from all walks of life who are returning to their spiritual roots.