Rebbetzin Chana Carlebach, Director & Principal

Mrs. Carlebach is a renowned educator and lecturer, known for her unique energy, expertise in curriculum development, and ability to develop lasting relationships with her students. Rabbi and Mrs. Carlebach are shluchim in the City of S. Agathe and the spiritual leaders of House of Israel Congregation.

Dorm Counselors                                                         
The dorm counselors ensure the Chassidishe atmosphere in the dorm and are there for the girls, ready to help them with homework, lend a listening ear or just to have fun.


Rabbi S. Aisenbach has over 35 years of teaching and education experience, and is a prominent figure and renowned educator in the Chabad community of Montreal. Rabbi Aisenbach teaches Chassidus and Darkei HaChassidus.

Mrs. A. Ceitlin's love for each and every student is apparent in her every word. The warm atmosphere created by her presence makes her classes in Jewish home a most enjoyable experience.

Mrs. S. Feld, M.A., C.C.C., a psychotherapist has a lot of experience dealing with frum couples. With her experience, she is able to help each student maximize her potential. She also teaches students the necessary skills for marriage and relationships.

Mrs. C. Goldstein, M.Ed., is a professor at various colleges in Montreal. With her insightful classes in child psychology and development, Mrs. Goldstein has perfected a program for BMC Teachers' Seminary that provides a solid and genuine foundation for successful teachers and mothers.

Mrs. A. Golowinsky teaches Haftorah, Aishes Chayil and various other topics thorughout the year.

Rabbi Sperlin teaches Sichos, Halacha and Tanya. In addition to his wealth of knowledge, girls appreciate his valuable discussions on life issues and other relevant topics.

Rabbi Ezagui teaches Sichos, Kuntres Ha'avodah and various topics in Chassidus.



Hebrew Studies Program


Our comprehensive Hebrew studies program includes Chumash (bekius and bi'iyun), Meforshim on Navi and Kesuvim, Chassidus including Tanya, Sichos and selected Maamarim, Moshiach and Geulah, Halacha with emphasis on the mitzvos of Shabbos and Yom Tov, Kashrus and areas of Halachic concern for women. Our students benefit from the numerous scholars, both women and men, who fill the halls of BMC Teachers' Seminary with fascinating presentations on various Torah themes. We incorporate into our curriculum mini-courses on topics of interest that stimulate our students' minds and guide their personal growth; e.g., the commentaries of Rashi and Ramban, selected sugiyot in the Tanach the Mesorah, a glimpse into the vast Torah literature, and women in the Tanach. The Rebbe's treasures of the Talmud, and selected letters from the Rebbe on issues such as running a Jewish home and Shidduchim are an integral part of the curriculum.

Teacher Training

Our Teacher training course includes professional techniques, teaching methodology, General and Child Psychology, model lessons and observation, and in-depth study of the teachings of the Rebbeim on chinuch all of which provide the most solid and genuine foundation for truly dedicated, successful teachers and mothers. This special program is taught by school directors and outreach experts, well-known guest speakers in the fields of psychology and social work and professional educators. The program grants our graduates a teaching diploma that is recognized by seminaries and educational institutions around the world.


As future wives, mothers, teachers and shluchos, our students are given classes to enhance their communication skills. We include in courses sessions on writing, speaking and debating. Girls are regularly asked to prepare Divrei Torah on which they present at Shul Shabbatons and other events at Congregation House of Israel in S. Agathe


Graduation and Certification

Upon completion of the full two-year program our students receive a teaching diploma that is recognized by seminaries and educational institutions worldwide.

Students registered in our Early Childhood Program receive a DEC in Early Childhood Education from Ellis College.

Community Programs

As part of the weekly schedule, students develop relationships and mentor community members in Jewish studies. Weekly they distribute home-made Challah to the residents of S. Agathe and its surrounding towns. The students arrange community parties, farbrengens and Shabbos programming in the community shul. In addition, they participate in Friendship Circle and Winter Camps in Montreal.

  • Weekly one-on-one learning with community members. Through this program many students have developed lasting bonds and keep in touch from across the ocean.

  • Students volunteering at Friendship Circle Winter Camp (Special Needs Children).


  • Students distributing Hamen Tashen to the Laurentian Ski Hills.


Extra Curricular Activities

Our many extracurricular activities include shlichus activities, Shabbatons, Farbrengens, art projects, knitting and exciting trips. The winter wonderland of S. Agathe provides ample opportunities for skiing and skating outings.